A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Dash around or into your enemies taking over territory. Be careful when dashing into your enemies though, you will switch your territory with them. Winning is for losers.

Install instructions


  1. Connect up to 6 wired or wireless controllers (works with xbox, ps4, and Nintendo joycons)
  2. To Sync wireless devices search for “Bluetooth and other devices”
  3. Open the settings and click “Add Bluetooth or other device”
  4. In add device, click “Bluetooth"
  5. Hold the sync button on your controller until it pops up in the list, then select it.
  6. Repeat this process to sync more wireless controllers.
  7. Download .zip from https://crowsnestgames.itch.io/dash-of-death
  8. Unzip file and launch the .exe

In Game Controller:

  1. Left button (ex. X on and xbox controller) – Select Character & Dash within game
  2. Right button (ex. B on and xbox controller) – Unselect Character
  3. Joystick / d-pad – move character selection / move character within game
  4. Start button – start game
  5. Esc – close game.

Game Objective:

  1. Get the least amount of territory (top UI represents total player territory by color)
  2. Colliding with characters swap territories
  3. Round lasts one minute


DashofDeath MacOS 26 MB
DashofDeath exe 22 MB